TMA Turbo Twin Viper Kit-

Avialability- 1 currently ready to sell off the shelf. No wait time needed for building it. This one is ready to ship.

Introduction Price-

$ 6200- Includes the complete kit with catback exhaust. Great for those that already have a catback exhaust and don't need one. Comes with oil lines, filters, dual shurflow oil return pumps, afco heat exchanger, air/water intercoolers etc.

Add On uprgrades

$795 for the 3" catback catback. Includes dual 3" piping, dual 3" magnaflow straight thru mufflers, dual 3.5" magnaflow tips. Great upgrade for those who don't have an exhaust system yet.


SPECS- Road Race spec

Turbo: Twin Garrett T4 57 trim with .70 T4 turbine a/r. Capable of 1000hp in twin form. Turbos can be upgraded to twin PT67 setups and offer 1400rwhp. The advantage of this turbo is that it uses a T4 turbine platform and made them fit so there is no need to hack away anything. Using a T4 turbine is important for keeping the exhaust back pressure low and The T4 turbine is better optimized for a v10 8.0L engine. Using a T3 turbine you'll be limited on hp and have severe back pressure.

Wastegate: Twin tial 38mm wastegate capable of 1000 hp

Bov: Twin Tial 50mm bov

Intercooler: Will be using air/water twin coolers capable of 1400rwhp+ . Tma turbo has decided to go with an air/water route to eliminate the need to hack into your front bumper assembly support. Air/water coolers have their advantage over air/air in road racing applications. Includes afco heat exchanger

Turbo headers. Prototype Picture shown here is 1 5/8" primaries mild steel with 2.75" 304 stainless steel collector pipe. Production version will use full 304 SS. 1 3/4" primaries with 2.75" collectors merged onto a T4 flange. Bigger then a stock header setup. A stock setup uses 1 5/8" primaries with a 2.5" collector mild steel.

Exhaust dump pipe system: Large dual 3" 304SS pipes extended to rear of the car using dual 3" magnaflow Race mufflers with tips. This is a complete exhaust package. No need to take it to a welding shop or buy a $1600 exhaust system. Its all complete from head to toe. Tma turbo has upgraded from the stock dual 2.5" mild steel to dual 3" . The stock exhaust will be a restriction on turbo setups. Tma provides a complete exhaust package thus saving you cost making it the most affordable twin turbo viper kit on the market..

Driver Sides turbo headers.

Passenger Side Turbo headers